Content and objectives

You are an expert in your field and you know your subject inside out but you need a hand with designing a pitch and deck that will be remembered. You have an important event coming up ? We accompany you in the creation and delivery process of your presentation with slides that carry your message in a powerful and impactful manner.


Who can book a one-to-one session ?

  • Any individual who needs an intensive analysis and coaching on how to present a specific project or ideas in front of an audience

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporates

Who can attend this workshop ?

  • Any individual who needs to present a project or ideas in front of an audience

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporates

Context and objectives

The first impression is the most important. The way you present your project can make or break sales, cooperation, investments and opportunities. Understanding how your message is perceived means understanding how you can improve it. Get some concrete advice with a hands-on approach on storytelling, elocution, scenic presence, slides, etc... nothing will be left amiss to create a pitch to be remembered.

Content of the workshop

3 hours


5-8 people

Each participant will receive a personalised report on areas of pitching to be improved.


Each participant must prepare a 5 minute pitch with a digital deck (such as PowerPoint) to be provided at least 24h before the event.

Round 1:

  • Each participant pitches his/her project for 5 minutes whilst members of the audience rate the pitch through a survey

  • 5 minute oral debrief including the audience to receive objective feedback

  • Open Q&A session to give the participants advice and pointers on all aspects of pitching they want to know more about

5-10 minutes break

Round 2:

  • Presentation from the Test my Pitch team about what makes a great pitch: mistakes to be avoided as well as key takeaways to convey your message in an effective manner

  • Practical exercises

  • New pitching round to allow the participants to put the newly acquired techniques in practice

Within one week after the event, each participant will receive its personalised report with the result of the survey.

190 € HT/participant


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

300 € HT/session

2 hours

One-to-one sessions

Content and objectives

Storytelling is in our blood and it is our instinct to listen with our emotions. Focusing on hard facts is not enough to convey a strong message that the audience can relate to and integrate. In this one-to-one session, we help you find the best way to get your message across depending on the outcome you are expecting from the people you are addressing.

1800 € HT

3 times 2 hours sessions

Starter Pack

Who can book a starter pack ?

  • Any individual who needs an intensive help on storytelling, creation of a presentation deck or how to deliver the pitch

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporates